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feast & famine
Day Tour

Come with us to visit a breathtakingly beautiful part of Ireland where tragedy, creativity and dreams live side by side. At turns rugged and rolling, lush and rocky, the beauty of the northwestern corner of Ulster will touch your soul. And the history will move you deeply.

In the company of an experienced local tour guide and a professionally trained driver, you’ll visit well-known sites and unexpected hidden gems, uncovering places and people you wouldn’t otherwise find. You’ll travel along Donegal’s spectacular Inishowen Peninsula, explore the deeply moving Doagh Famine Village, visit Glendowen Traditional Irish Crafts Shop, packed to the rafters with locally-made tweeds, crafts and artwork, and experience dramatic and unforgettable Dunalderagh at Malin Head.

By the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve been away for much longer – you’ll have seen, heard, felt and learned so much. It will remind you of what’s important in life and you’ll return home refreshed, enlivened and inspired.

Luxury Small Group Tour with:

    • Maximum of 15 people per tour
    • Dedicated and experienced local driver
    • Dedicated and knowledgeable local storytelling guide
    • Executive transport
    • Belfast City Hall or Derry City centre hotel pickups
    • Private guided tour of the Doagh Famine Village
    • Private guided tour Glendowen weaver and shop

STG£90  per person

Uncover Ulster’s famine history and ancient legends


Discover our unique history, myths and personality on this day spent exploring unforgettable places and hidden gems in the company of local guides and hosts. See it all through our eyes as a local storyteller recounts the legends that grew from this place and shaped its people.   

Lots of Exciting Activities
+ precious hidden gems!

The day begins when we pick you up at Belfast City centre or Derry City centre. Your driver and guide are both local, experienced and great characters too. They’ll welcome you onboard your luxury mini coach and take care of you throughout the tour.

You’ll find your breath taken away even before you even reach your first stop! The scenery is simply awe-inspiring as you travel to the hidden gem of Glendowen Traditional Irish Crafts Shop, an Aladdin’s cave of unique handmade pieces including tweeds, woollens, paintings, sculptures, jewellery and more – all crafted locally.

Next we head to Doagh Famine Village, a large walk-through outdoor museum that brings to life the Irish experience during the famine of the 1840s. Built around original thatched cottages, and set in a stark yet beautiful place, the museum shares the story of a real family and community who survived the famine and whose descendants are alive today.

Then it’s onto the most northernly point on the island of Ireland, Dunalderagh at Malin Head. This lonely, windswept and barren promontory is laden with history and myth. Hear about its importance during the Napoleonic Wars and WWII, and its links with Banba, the goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

How are we Different?

  • Maximum of 15 people per tour
  • Professionally trained local onboard storytelling guide
  • Professionally qualified local Driver
  • Private, locally guided tour of Doagh Famine Village 
  • Private, locally guided tour of Glendowen weaver and shop
  • VIP executive mini coach
  • VIP customer service
  • Evening refreshments with tea / coffee provided
  • No hidden trip charges
  • Belfast City Hall or Derry City centre hotel pickups
  • Avoid the crowds with a 12-noon start

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