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Lashed by the wildest of waves and fierce Atlantic winds, the beautiful and unspoiled County Donegal has the biggest population of Irish Gaelic speakers on the island of Ireland. On this unforgettable day tour, you’ll meet the natives, polish your language skills, view spectacular coasts and seascapes, and so much more.

With a local tour guide, driver and an onboard professional storyteller who’ll share the ancient myths and legends of the area, this is day-tripping with a difference! You’ll be captivated by the vivid characters and magical creatures you hear about. And as we make our way towards the unique culture and breath-taking surroundings of Donegal, you might even feel a little pampered as your guide looks after you every step of the way.

You’ll spend the day in the company of local people, and you’ll see it all through our eyes. With a local tour guide, driver, onboard storyteller who’ll share our ancient myths and legends, and generous and hospitable hosts at stop-offs, you’ll experience our unique sense of humour and be charmed by our warmth. By the end of the day, you’ll feel like one of us. In fact, don’t be surprised if you want to move here!

What’s different about this day tour is that we don’t just take you to the big visitor attractions, we introduce you to unexpected hidden gems too – sites and people you wouldn’t otherwise find, and experiences you will never forget. This is a magical trip and by the end of it, you’ll feel like you’ve been with us much longer than a day. You’ll feel inspired, enlivened and refreshed, and you might even feel a little spoiled, because we’ll take very good care of you every step of the way.  

Luxury Small Group Tour with:

    • Maximum of 15 people per tour
    • Dedicated and experienced local driver
    • Dedicated and knowledgeable local storytelling guide
    • Executive transport
    • Local pickups points (please enquire)
    • Private guided tour of the Fanad Head Lighthouse
    • Private guided tour of Doagh Famine Village
    • Lunch

STG£90  per person


As well as exploring the Gaeltacht, this is a chance to witness the might of nature as you take in the incredible views of the Inishowen Peninsula from Fanad Head Lighthouse on its rugged headland. There is nothing quite like time spent in this enlivening, restorative and sublime place.

Lots of Exciting Activities
+ precious hidden gems!

The day begins when we pick you up an agreed local pickup point. Your driver and guide are both local, experienced and great characters too. They’ll welcome you onboard your luxury mini coach, then you can relax and get comfortable for the wonderful day ahead.

From your pickup point, you are bound for Fanad Head Lighthouse where you’ll discover Fanad Lighthouse at the end of a craggy promontory. With your onboard storyteller, time will fly as you travel towards one of the world’s most beautiful lighthouses. This hardy, hard-working structure has been lighting the way for seafarers since 1817. We’ll deep dive into its history on a private tour.

From the lighthouse, the views of the Inishowen Peninsula will literally take your breath away. Mercurial skies, pristine nature, rugged ridges and if you’re lucky, whales, porpoises and dolphins. You’ll take plenty of pictures, but the real wonder and magic will be captured in your heart.

After a couple of surprises, we go to the Doagh Famine Village. With a combination of informative storytelling and life size exhibits, you will find an illuminating, thought provoking, and at times humorous, look at historical Irish life.

What a day… and what a memory!

How are we Different?

  • Maximum of 15 people per tour
  • Professionally trained local onboard storytelling guide
  • Professionally qualified local Driver
  • Private, locally guided tour of Fanad Head Lighthouse
  • Private, locally guided tour of Doagh Famine Village
  • VIP executive mini coach
  • VIP customer service
  • Evening refreshments with tea / coffee provided
  • No hidden trip charges
  • Local pickups points (please enquire)
  • Avoid the crowds with a 12-noon start

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