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Marble & Porcelain
Day Tour

On the Marble & Porcelain Luxury Day Tour, you’ll witness the unspoiled natural beauty of the lush Fermanagh Lakelands and uncover the beauty to be found beyond the surface too. You’ll learn the secret processes and techniques that go into creating exquisite pottery on a private tour of Belleek Pottery. Then you’ll uncover the strangely beautiful underground displays on a journey through Marble Arch Caves.

This is a day when your senses will be stirred and your imagination will spark to life!

On this unforgettable Day Tour, you’ll explore Belleek Fine Parian China and Visitor Centre, a building so picturesque, it looks like a painting come to life. Here you’ll chat with artisans at work and see every step that goes into making this world famous porcelain.

Then you’re off to the natural marvel that is the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark. Described as ‘heaven on earth’, this magical place could have been sculpted by a master craftsperson.

You’ll spend the day in the company of local people, and you’ll see it all through our eyes. With a local tour guide, driver, onboard storyteller who’ll share our ancient myths and legends, and generous and hospitable hosts at stop-offs, you’ll experience our unique sense of humour and be charmed by our warmth. By the end of the day, you’ll feel like one of us. In fact, don’t be surprised if you want to move here!

What’s different about this day tour is that we don’t just take you to the big visitor attractions, we introduce you to unexpected hidden gems too – sites and people you wouldn’t otherwise find, and experiences you will never forget. This is a magical trip and by the end of it, you’ll feel like you’ve been with us much longer than a day. You’ll feel inspired, enlivened and refreshed, and you might even feel a little spoiled, because we’ll take very good care of you every step of the way.  

Luxury Small Group Tour with:

  • Maximum of 15 people per tour
  • Dedicated and experienced local driver
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable local storytelling guide
  • Executive transport
  • Local pickup points (please enquire)
  • Private guided tour of Belleek Pottery
  • Private guided tour of The Marble Arch Caves

STG£90  per person


At Condor Executive, we keep our tour groups small and personal, making sure every moment spent with us is enjoyable, relaxed and memorable. Our tour guides and drivers are knowledgeable, local and very experienced. We travel in comfortable luxury vehicles so you arrive rested and ready to explore

Lots of Exciting Activities
+ precious hidden gems!

The day begins at a local pickup point. Your guide will welcome you onboard your luxury mini coach and take care of you throughout the day.

You’ll travel to the small village of Belleek through some of Northern Ireland’s loveliest countryside and draw up outside Ireland’s oldest working pottery, Belleek Pottery. You’ll enjoy a private tour of the pottery, getting an insight into every stage of the production process and you’ll speak to the artisans about how they achieve the fine balance between art and science.

You’ll have the opportunity to buy a piece if you wish, and because faulty pieces never leave the factory, you might even be invited to smash an item that has turned out less than perfect!

Next you’re off to Marble Arch Caves an UNESCO Global Geopark and you will traverse down into the curious underworld that is Marble Arch Caves (water levels permitting). You’ll begin your exploration with a subterranean boat trip on a tranquil river before your private guide leads you through a fascinating natural world of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers.

A wonderful place for walks and a rewarding spot for enquiring minds. This miracle of nature combines an astonishing blend of landscapes from rugged uplands, lakes and forests through to gently rolling drumlins. Here, Earth’s history can be dated back 895 million years

How are we Different?

  • Maximum of 15 people per tour
  • Professionally trained local onboard storytelling guide
  • Professionally qualified local Driver
  • Private, locally guided tour of Belleek Pottery 
  • Private, locally guided tour of Marble Arch Caves
  • VIP executive mini coach
  • VIP customer service
  • Evening refreshments with tea / coffee provided
  • No hidden trip charges
  • Local pickup points (please enquire)

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